Career Services

Knowing WHERE you want to go is only half the battle.

Knowing HOW to get there is essential.

You need the right TOOLS to get you on the road to

SUCCESS, and Bentley Business Solutions can help you find your PATH.


Professional Resumes

Did you know that most recruiters spend six seconds looking at a resume? That’s if it gets past the first screening, the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Do you know how to get your resume past ATS? Do you know what recruiters are looking for?

That’s why you need my services. I know how to spotlight your accomplishments and design a custom resume that will get you noticed.

resume writing

Cover Letters

Do not overlook the opportunity to properly introduce yourself to a potential employer. Your resume cover letter is a sales letter, it’s selling you. You are making a big mistake if you are not including a custom cover letter with your resume or if you write a poor cover letter.

Let me help you make a great first impression.

Cover Letter Introduction



Social Media Content

Your profile on social media is the most valuable self-marketing tool you can use. For example, if your LinkedIn profile reads like your resume then your profile is all wrong.

Together we can build a professional profile that shows where you are going not where you have been and find your brand... who you are and what you want to be.

LinkedIn Social Media Content